At Xfuels we have a strong ethos and a well established bond built on trust and consistency between management, employees and customers.We pride ourselves on being driven by passion and that we know the rules of the game and have the industry know how you only get by being in the game as long as we’ve been. Having the right mindset and motivation given by the strong and determined management team, helps operations move without delay.We use the famous saying that your wish is our command. We strive to deliver on time, quality goods that includes the promise we make to you, that your pumps will never run dry. Since we have the right procedures in place to ensure that no matter what, you can put your trust in us and we shall not disappoint. We have the team, the trucks and the skills to make it happen.
At xFuels we pride ourselves on delivering top quality products from the supplier to the distributor, quick, easy and hassle free. We endeavor to deliver on time, quality goods at the right price. We have since 2013 built a company loyal to each of its customers and employees. We care about EACH and every employee and work together as a team with the right skill sets you can only acquire from being in the industry as long as we have been. Thanks to the visionary leadership of our CEO and Barry Strydom who had the brainchild of delivering sustainable energy by using a personal, yet professional approach. The position of the most senior corporate officer, executive, leader and administrator in charge of managing our organisation is Barry Strydom, chair person of Xfuels.



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